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Customized solutions for your industrial recycling needs.

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Commercial Recycling Specialists in Maricopa County, Arizona

An industry leader in recycling for 27 years!

Established in 1990, CRI has served the industrial recycling industry for over 2 decades. Based in Glendale, Arizona, CRI has 55,000 square feet under roof and ample space outside for storage and expansion. With in-house roll-off service and custom designed and produced storage bins, CRI can meet all your various recycling needs.

professional, reliable recycling service in Phoenix

A focus on professional service

Customer satisfaction drives everything we do, we supply high quality bins, safe and experienced drivers, accurate weights and materials grading, detailed reports and timely payment.

CRI would be pleased to handle your aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium, aerospace alloys, all ferrous grades, electronics, plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, wood and trash. And we offer certified material destruction.

We design CUSTOM recycling solutions

We understand no two customers have the same requirements, CRI tailors each recycling program to individual customer needs.

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Did you know?

CRI designs and manufactures its own storage bins?
That's right, we create the bin to the clients exact needs.
It is details like these that provide customers with the best value for their dollar.