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CRI will gladly handle the recycling of your:

Stainless Steel ~ Copper ~ Brass ~ Aluminum
All Ferrous Grades ~ Nickel ~ Aerospace Alloys
Titanium ~ Electronics ~ Cardboard ~ Paper ~ Plastic
Wood ~ Glass ~ Trash ~ Certified Material Destruction

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CRI is Arizona's premier industrial recycler and we have developed a very unique system of operations that offers trouble-free handling of a customer’s recyclable materials, precision weight measurements, and the highest dollar return on material.

Our unique process is really rather simple: Thorough and complete communication.

CRI's global marketing network of mill direct shipping allows us to offer the highest prices on customer's recyclable materials. CRI processes all recyclable materials at our facility, and we account for all items contained within the load. A purchase order is sent every month to customers, highlighting those materials being recycled and the price to be paid.

cri truck white roll off With our own fleet of roll-off, van, flat bed trailers, and trash compactors; CRI controls the trucking and this flexibility provides the best possible customer service. Service is coordinated on a 24-hour turnaround time from customer request. CRI transportation from customer facilities in the Phoenix metro market is provided at no charge. View some our industrial recycling equipment.

CRI obtains full-load weight tickets from our truck scale along with individual weights of containers from our in-plant Fairbanks platform scales. All weights are clearly detailed on our settlement reports delivered to you with payments. All our scales are State certified and calibrated to State standards quarterly.

Most handling equipment is provided at no charge. Some materials are handled in simple cardboard boxes; other materials demand 55 gallon drums or steel bins of various sizes. Quantities of material may require roll-off containers and these will be spotted where needed. There are also several types of specialized equipment available such as trash compactor boxes or tilt hoppers.

cri truck orange roll ofRoll-off boxes come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. They can be customized for special area considerations and standard sizes can be specified for various material and weight and limitations. Boxes can be made with square or bathtub corners, the floors can be seamless and the welds made leak-proof. Pup sizes for double hauling are also available. The standard roll-off container sizes are:

  • 20 Yard: 22' Long x 8' Wide x 4' Sides
  • 30 Yard: 22' Long x 8' Wide x 6' Sides
  • 40 Yard: 22' Long x 8' Wide x 8' Sides

Our reporting and accuracy are unmatched. Every load develops its own Receiving Report which details the description of the materials, quantity of containers received, weight reports, pricing value, and total price paid. From this report a Customer Settlement is printed and both are delivered along with payment for review. Many customers utilize this paperwork as their own invoice, saving on office procedure and time. Payment terms are tailored to customer needs.


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