Welcome to Consolidated Resources Inc.

Consolidated Resources Incorporated leads the way in commercial and industrial recycling. We have been proudly serving the Arizona manufacturing community for nearly 30 years and take great pride in our reputation. Unwavering INTEGRITY, impeccable CUSTOMER SERVICE, and unrivaled PROFESSIONALISM form the cornerstone of our business.

Add-On Recycling

Plastic, paper, glass, electronics, and other non-metal recycling services are also offered to our customers.


Metal Recycling

Consolidated Resources is one of the only scrap recyclers that specializes in industrial metal recycling throughout Maricopa county.


Container Services

CRI can manufacture customized bins that are transported by our own fleet of trucks to provide the best value for every client's needs.


A Focus On Professional Service

At Consolidated Resources Inc., we take great pride in providing our customers with unmatched customer service, and we believe that is what has allowed us to grow to where we are today. We understand every manufacturing environment is unique and tailor your recycling program to your specific needs. We offer high-quality storage bins, safe and experienced drivers, accurate weights and material grading, detailed reports and timely payment. We support your recycling requirements, allowing you to focus resources on your core business.

Areas We Service

We are proud to be a leader in the Valley for nearly 30 years when it comes to recycling services and waste management. Consolidated Resources, Inc. provides comprehensive solutions to commercial and industrial businesses in the following cities:

We Design CUSTOM Recycling Solutions

Comprehensive recycling solutions, customized to meet the specific needs of each customer, are what set CRI apart. We offer wide-ranging recycling programs and are experts in handling special projects – such as obsolete equipment, over-sized loads and many more. We are very responsive to customer needs and handle scrap recycling programs with precision, integrity, and transparency. With our extensive fleet of trucks we are in control of all aspects of transportation. This gives us the necessary flexibility to react quickly to service needs. And at no cost to our customers, we offer and provide an assortment of quality containers for all recycling needs. From our dispatcher to our drivers, and everyone in-between, professional customer service and recycling solutions is our top priority. At CRI we understand that scrap is a valuable asset. Our primary objective is to help our industrial partners effectively manage that asset, enabling you to focus on your primary work.



We have been working with your company for a while now, and it has always been a wonderful experience!
Just recently, I have been working with Kerry, to haul off one of our more cumbersome pieces of equipment. I gave him notice of our intent, but due to the requirements of our safety department, and the availability of a forklift to move it, I really didn’t know when the machine would be available.

When it was ready, I let Kerry know and he was very quick in responding to our needs, and the pickup went off without a hitch, at least from your end. I have also many dealings with Lorita, for our regular deliveries. She is always enjoyable to talk to, either on the phone or electronically. The drivers are great group of very helpful people. I’ve dealt with many, but, sorry to say, Roy is the only one that I remember by name. I am certain, that there are many more people, behind the scenes, that are just as fantastic as the ones that I have had contact with. All in all, you have assembled an amazing group of folks, quick to respond, and very attentive, to your customer’s demands and needs, even when those demands and needs are sometimes nebulous.

Please keep up the fantastic work, as it is always a pleasurable experience!
Thank you, for all that you, and your crew do, seen and unseen by your customers.

Sincerely, D.C.

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