Industrial and Commercial Recycling in Chandler

The city of Chandler is home to a variety of commercial and industrial businesses that all require individualized recycling solutions and Consolidated Resources, Inc. has been providing the answers. Locally owned and operated, Consolidated Resources, Inc. understands the unique demands that Arizona businesses require and we have been doing so for nearly three decades.

From aerospace to personal spas, the manufacturing landscape of Chandler is very diverse. This means that the recycling needs of the city are equally as diverse and Consolidated Resources, Inc. can handle them all. The city’s recycling program only allows a short list of items that mostly come from the residential population. Consolidated Resources, Inc. can help with the materials your business needs to have recycled.

Aerospace alloy facts- Did you know that the Wright brothers used aluminum to build the engine in their first biplane in 1903? Since that day in Kitty Hawk, NC, the aerospace industry has become so advanced and demanding that the need for high-quality alloys have never been greater.

Aside from our ability to provide tailored recycling solutions for our customers, another aspect that sets us apart is the fact that we design and custom build storage containers for our customers, that way their needs are being met down to the very last detail. If your Chandler business is looking for a recycling answer, turn to Consolidated Resources, Inc. today.

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