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Industrial and Commercial Recycling in Litchfield Park

Consolidated Resources, Inc. has been serving the city of Litchfield Park’s commercial and industrial recycling needs for nearly three decades. We proudly provide customized solutions to fit your business’s unique needs. We are locally owned and operated to provide exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Let CRI solve your business’s recycling needs.

Whether your business generates scrap metal or large quantities of plastic, there is only so much that the city’s recycling program will allow. Geared more towards the residential population, the community’s recycling is not your answer. For your commercial or industrial recycling needs, you need a company that can handle any capacity.

Recycling facts- According to research studies, if the US recycling levels reach 75% (currently around 20%), it will be the environmental and CO2 equivalent to removing 55 million cars from the US each year. We Americans throw away enough waste each day to fill over 63,000 garbage trucks and are only recycling at 34%. There is an enormous amount of room for improvement for everyone; residential and commercial.

Whether your business needs a manageable way to store and recycle aluminum, plastics or even wood, Consolidated Resources, Inc. has it covered. We offer the solutions you need including material storage, transportation and invoicing. Let us take the difficulty out of recycling so you and your business can focus on the important issues. For industrial and commercial recycling in Litchfield Park, contact Consolidated Resources, Inc.

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