Consolidated Resources, Inc provides a manageable
way to store and recycle aluminum, and plastics

Consolidated Resources, Inc. has been serving the city of Phoenix’s commercial and industrial recycling needs for nearly three decades. We proudly provide customized solutions to fit your business’s unique needs. We are locally owned and operated to provide exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Let Consolidated Resources, Inc. solve your recycling needs.

While Phoenix offers residents and businesses local recycling for small-scale quantities, what about your business’s commercial recycling needs? The list of items that the city has deemed acceptable is rather small and does little to address the needs of commercial or industrial businesses. Large metal sheets, soft plastics, and glass are just a few of the prohibited items.

Plastic Facts- Did you know that plastic can take up to 1,000 years to degrade in landfills? It takes significantly less energy (88% less) to recycle and repurpose plastic than it does to create new plastic from its raw materials? By evaluating your business’s waste and making an effort to recycle every material that you can will make an impact.

Whether your business needs a manageable way to store and recycle aluminum, plastics or even wood, Consolidated Resources, Inc. has it covered. We offer the solutions you need including material storage, transportation and invoicing. Let us take the difficulty out of recycling so you and your business can focus on the important issues. For industrial and commercial recycling in Phoenix, contact us today.

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