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Industrial and Commercial Recycling in Prescott Valley

Commercial and industrial recycling in Wintersburg has never been easier than with Consolidated Resources, Inc. by your side. From our ability to schedule our programs around your needs to the connections we have established to sell your recyclables to the most profitable sources, Consolidated Resources, Inc. provides unmatched customer service.

When it comes to the residential recyclables like paper and plastics, Prescott Valley offers a great community recycling program but do you know where to turn for your business’s recycling needs? Do you need a company that will pick up, recycle and sell your scrap metal or maybe you need a place that can provide certified destruction of materials? Consolidated Resources, Inc. has the recycling solutions that your business needs.

Recycling facts- According to research studies, if the US recycling levels reach 75% (currently around 20%), it will be the environmental and CO2 equivalent to removing 55 million cars from the US each year. We Americans throw away enough waste each day to fill over 63,000 garbage trucks and are only recycling at 34%. There is an enormous amount of room for improvement for everyone; residential and commercial.

At Consolidated Resources, Inc., we proudly offer the very best recycling solutions to our customers. If your business requires a customized storage solution, we offer customized roll-off boxes to meet any demand. And once your business’s roll-off box is full, we take care of the rest from pick-up and drop to weighing and pricing. So for all of your commercial and industrial recycling needs, look no further than Consolidated Resources, Inc.

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