Did you know that enough paper is thrown away each year to build a 12-foot high wall from New York to Seattle? That is over 1 billion trees worth of paper, every year. Recycling paper has one of the highest success rates, but still, there is lots of room for improvement, especially in the commercial and industrial sector.

The process of creating new paper from waste paper produces nearly 75% less air pollutants and requires over 60% less water in the process compared to using virgin paper fibers to create new paper. Every little bit helps because recycling even one stack of newspaper (3 feet tall) is enough waste paper to save one tree.

If your business generates large amounts of waste paper and you do not think you are recycling all that you could be, Consolidated Resources, Inc. can help. From providing customized storage containers that are built to fit your space requires to flexible pick up and transportation scheduling, Consolidated Resources, Inc. strives to put your business’s priorities first and has a proven track record of exceptional customer service.

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