When it comes to industrial and commercial business, wood recycling may not come into thought as frequently as scrap metal or plastics but it comes into the picture quite often. What does your business do with broken or worn out pallets? Does your manufacturing company produce large amounts of wood particles, pieces or scrap lumber? Wood may not get the most publicity in the recycling world but handling it properly can make a difference overall.

Ideally, recycled wood can be reused or repurposed without much effort but in cases where this is not an option, scrap wood can either be used as biofuel or can be recycled to make various products such as landscaping material or chip/fiberboard. Only about 20% of all potential wood actually recycled each year with the rest ending up in landfills. One of the biggest benefits that comes from recycled wood is that it contains a much lower moisture content (about 50% less) and much more durable meaning that those who utilized recycled wood vs. virgin wood are getting more wood for their money.

Consolidate Resources, Inc. is the leading name in industrial and commercial recycling in the Valley. Whether your business generates scrap wood or needs a solution for old and broken pallets, Consolidated Resources, Inc. can provide the solutions. We offer custom recycling solutions that will fit your exact needs.

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